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Turkey responsible for failure of Armenian-Turkish protocols

Turkey responsible for failure of Armenian-Turkish protocols, Armenia has no slightest fault: Baskin Oran

YEREVAN, APRIL 23, ARMENPRESS. Towards the 99th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the efforts for the recognition and condemnation of the crimes committed by the Ottoman Empire against humanity made not only by Armenia and the Armenian diaspora, but also the attitudes and actions of the Turkish intellectuals and individuals on the issue, should be considered significant. The fair attitude of the Turkish scholars towards the Armenian Genocide and the Armenian Issue has a great significance in destroying the wall of denial, existing in Turkey for years. Among these scientists is the well-known Turkish historian Baskin Oran, who is the author of numerous works on this theme. “Armenpress” has had an interview with the Turkish scientist on the possible changes of the Turkish attitude on the issue of the Armenian Genocide, as well as on the prospects of the development of the Armenian-Turkish relations.

-99 years have passed since the Armenian Genocide, but the attitude of the Turkish state towards Turkey’s non-Muslim nations, and especially the Armenians, has not changed much. Where can such a policy lead Turkey to? Is it possible that there be any changes in the denial policy of Turkey regarding the Armenian Genocide in the future? If possible, how and when will it change?

– I understand that looking at it from the outside and especially in a rash, it may seem, that the state of the non-Muslim residents of the Republic of Turkey is the same. But the reality is not so black and white. After 2000s, when Turkey established contacts with the EU, the crimes committed in the past against the non-Muslims diminished considerably. In essence, the reason of this peculiarity applied for all the citizens of the Republic of Turkey is, I repeat, the established relations with the EU. The external dynamics. More precisely, the success of the Turkish civil society stimulated by the external dynamics.


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