Baskın Oran


Born 1945, İzmir, Turkey. Graduated from the Faculty of Political Science (SBF; Ankara University) in 1968 and became an Assistant at the same Faculty. He received his PhD in 1974. While an Assistant Professor, he was discharged by the Military Government In Nov. 1982. Returned to his post in 1990 on a court ruling. He became a Full Professor of International Relations in 1997 and took Voluntary early retirement in 2006 from PSF where he still lectures. Married. Fluent in French and English besides Turkish.
Author of the “Minority and Cultural Rights Report” (2004). Main areas of interest: nationalism and minorities, religion-state relations, Turkish foreign policy.

Other positions:
Head, Int. Rel. chair, PSF (1998-2006); Nat. Liaison Officer to ECRI, CoE (1999-2009); Commentator, SBS Radio, Australia (1999-2006); Columnist, weekly Agos (since Feb. 2000) and weekly Radikal Iki (since April 2007); Member of Prime Ministry’s Consultative Committee on Human Rights (since 2001).

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